Thursday, September 17, 2009

LA Colors $1.50!!! Steal of the Week.

I picked up a few new L.A. Colors shadows this weekend in a surprising place. I was in my local Dollar General to buy cleaning supplies when I walked down the cosmetics aisle and these beautiful 5 color eyeshadow palettes caught my eye. At $1.50 each I had to stop. What I love about these three palettes is that they are all metallic. I love metallic sheen in eyeshadows. I know a lot of makeup artists love matte shadows but I am all about the shimmer and sheen.

When I swatched these they had amazing color payoff. I am still testing them out so I will have to give a more detailed review later but so far for $1.50 I really think these shadows are the buy of the week for me.

One thing though, be sure to use a base to keep these colors on all day. I did notice that although the colors are awesome the shadow on it's own doesn't have staying power. These would be great shadows for those who are just trying out using more color.

I purchased:

  1. Tease (Picture at top of post)
  2. Wine and Rose
  3. Unforgettable

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