Friday, September 18, 2009

Bloom is Bloomin Gorgeous!

I bought my first Bloom eye shadow this week. I was looking for a metallic green shadow and after browsing Smashbox, Urban Decay, Too Faced and Cargo I was just about ready to leave the store. Then I found this soft, silky smooth, shimmery green shadow that got me excited. It was Bloom's shadow in "Moss." I had not tried any of Bloom's products before and I think it is because they are hidden in the back row at Ulta. You hear that Bloom - you need to work on your product placement. We can't buy you if we can't find you!

I hurried home and took a handful of bases and swatched this fabulous new green to see what it could do once you gave it something to hang on to. I am happy to report the color just got better and better!

I did notice that not all of the Bloom shadows have this same silky smooth soft feel to them when I was in the store swatching them but they are worth checking out.

The price was $16 retail at Ulta which is much cheaper than the Bloom web site which offers the same shadow for $24.

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