Sunday, September 27, 2009

I got my Goth Card back!

This is a post that I wrote two months ago but forgot to publish. Sorry for the delay.

Style Black is Here! This is the first MAC Collection all year that I had such a long list of must haves. There were hits and misses but overall I was happy and very nostalgic when trying these products. It took me back to 1987 when I was in 10th grade. Bauhaus, The Cure, Siouxie and the Banshees & Love and Rockets were on my walkman (ha! cassettes) and almost everything in my closet was black.

I thought I had outgrown that part of my teen-age past but as I walked into MAC I felt like I had been reissued my Goth card.

Mineralized Eyeshadows in Young Punk and Blue Flame $19.50 each. I swatched and shopped. The colors of both are spectacular and totally are a match to the PearlGlide eyeliners in Rave and Fly-By-Blu. If you loved the liners then you have to have the shadows.

Mineralized Eyeshadows in Cinderfella and Gilt By Association.
I was dissapointed in both of these shadows. I went into the store thinking I wanted to buy them but they did not swatch well on me. Also, they were just, "meh" when I looked at them. Nothing really was that special about either color.

I wore Young Punk on Friday and I got compliments on it. I used black track fluid line underneath and I foiled the shadow on with Fix +. It stayed on from 6am to 11pm. I was pretty happy about it. I did not have to retouch at all, all day. I also used the Rave Pearlglide eyeliner and it is a perfect match for the shadow.

I wore the Blue Flame on Saturday and I used a Kryolan blue color as the base. I still had to foil it on my lower lid and then buffed it on dry in my crease to create a smokey eye. I also used the Fly-by-Blu Pearlglide eyeliner to both tightline and do my waterline. It is also a perfect match for the shadow. I added false lashes for drama and I have to say - my eyes looked HOT!

One thing I don't like is you have to be careful to find the right blush to wear when using these shadows. Anything to overpowering and you can look like a clown real fast. I love using really bright blushes so I am having to tone things down. Same thing with my lips. I tried to wear Young Punk with a Black Lip on Friday and I looked too harsh. I looked better with a lighter lip.

Overall I like both shadows I bought. I would highly recommend buying the two Pearlglide eyeliners to match both shadows from this summer's earlier collection. They are both still available on MAC's website.

I went back on Friday (after picking up my 1st style black purchases on Thursday) and my store only had 3 of the Black Knight Creme Sheen Lipsticks left so I felt I had to buy one. I guess they sold really fast or maybe they did not get too many in.

Also, I love the Black Ash Mask! I have the defoliator too and it is ok but I love the mask!