Saturday, December 5, 2009

Twilight New Moon Volturi Makeup Haul

I bought all of this make up a week before New Moon opened. It was my birthday present to myself. I returned the mascara and the lid primer (too greasy for me) but I kept all of the shadows. Now it was a bit pricey. Each shadow was $9. I have six pictured below but I actually bought 7!

They all came packed full to the top of the jar which made me happy. What surprised me was that they are pretty densely packed too. The shadows are buildable and oh so very pretty. I did not see too many of these colors used on the characters in the New Moon movie but it hardly matters because the colors are just gorgeous and very girly. These are my new go-to shadows for smokey eyes.

Almost the whole eyeshadow collection. I did not get a photo of "Dusk" but it is a deep metallic eggplant color that is amazing!
MASCARA - Sucked! I returned it. It smelled weird and actually made my lashes look shorter! I had no idea a mascara could do that until I met this one!
EYE LID PRIMER - If you don't have any primer it is ok to use with this product but it is a bit greasy. I like a primer to be more opaque than shiny and this one did not merit me keeping it. If I want this type primer I could just use my Urban Decay (which I also do not much care for). Plus they charged me $11. Too much for the lack of quality.
"Myth" is a warm metallic pewter. Like gun metal with high sheen.. "Legend" is a glittering silver
"Frost" has snowy white shimmer.. "Dawn" is a Sparkling champagne. It is almost a cross between a golden color and copper. Looks great for fall.

"Beloved" is an iridescent baby pink - Very cute and metalic!
"Lover" is a hot shimmering pink - This is my Favorite of the loose eye shadows!

I bought mine at Ulta but they are avilable at Hot Topic I think (at least the perfumes were) and you can also buy online from