Monday, March 1, 2010

Make Up For Ever February Purchases

Matte shadows have made it up my list of makeup collection "need to have" items. I decided that I am going to invest and purchase Make Up For Ever matte shadows to build a serious collection of colors. So I made my list and jumped into the deep end in February.

I started with 5 colors and an empty 10-pan palette to fill. Make Up For Ever shadows are larger than MAC shadows. MUFE pans are 4.5 grams of product where MAC is a meager, 1.5 grams. I have a MUFE Backstage Pro Card so I get a 40% discount on my products which is great since the regular price for one Make Up For Ever shadow at Sephora is $19. I also saved myself a little extra just by buying the refill pans instead of single eyeshadows I would have to depot to put into my palette.

On to my color choices!
92 - Purple
72 - Turquoise
91- Apple Green
18 - Tangerine
99 - Scarlet

Including the palette and shipping I paid $59.50. Not bad considering that if I had bought these same five eyeshadows from Sephora I would have paid $97.50. Sephora would have given me free shipping over $50 and the palette would have been free so to get an apples to apples comparison is simple. Price per gram from MUFE - $2.64. Price per gram from Sephora - $4.33. Woo hoo! Thank you Back Stage Pass Discount!

Next up on my list to purchase are:
75 - Neon Pink
102 - Lemon
2 - Yellow
58 - Dark Raspberry
64 - Crimson

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